OpenBOX 9.0 Application Vision and Core Technology White Paper

OpenBOX v9.0

Introducing the revolutionary OpenBOX v9.0, a powerful web-based tool set that enables organizations to ramp up implementation of new business processes or applications while keeping costs, resources and time to a minimum.

OpenBOX offers CRM or enterprise “templates” including Sales Force Automation, Service & Support (Customer Service, IT Help Desk), and Marketing Campaign Management, that utilize and present your organization’s existing data to individuals or groups regardless of where the data resides. Use or modify our templates or create your own. It’s simple enough for an end user to do!

With OpenBOX v9.0, organizations are able to leverage their existing databases. We believe there's absolutely no need to add on an additional database with duplicate information from data sources that already exist within your company every time you add a new application or business process. With OpenBOX, traditional application development and data migration that incur significant costs, resources, and time are a thing of the past.

You have to see it for yourself! View a bief demo (link this to demo center) of the following or contact us today at 877-361-6536 for a complete demo and how your organization can leverage the technology to maximize customer relationships and profitability.

Features and Benefits of OpenBOX v9.0 include:

The Ultimate Desktop

User-Defined Dashboards, Gadgets, and Business Objects (Tabs)

  • User Definable and Configurable Tabs called Business Objects
  • Each Business Object can have its own customized dashboard
  • User Definable and Configurable Dashboards with Gadgets that can contain queries, reports, URLs, images, documents
  • Templates for Customer Service, IT Help Desk, Sales Force Automation, Marketing Campaign Management
  • Templates can be customized with CSS style sheets for consistent corporate identity (logo, colors, dashboards, tabs, gadgets)
  • Gadgets can contain drilldown, clickable queries, reports, and links
  • Quick, mouse over views utilizing AJAX for significantly improved view times
  • Multiple screens can be active enabling users to manage tasks simultaneously

You Control Workflow, Workflow Doesn't Control You

Configure Your Own Business Process

  • Define workflow to be consistent with your business
  • Defined business processes can contain different forms
  • An audit trail tracks every step of the business process with date, time, user and notes
  • Automated alerts and notifications can be set up during steps of the business process
  • Define business rules for a consistent, efficient process
  • Receive immediate alerts upon workflow changes

Quick Search, Queries, Reports

Fast Access to Information

  • Database
    • Establish/edit connections
    • Create/edit tables, columns

  • Database
    • Set contraints
    • Set up indexes
    • Set up relationships between databases, tables, columns, fields

  • Business Object set-up
    • Create/edit Business Objects
    • Create/edit Business Object columns
    • Create/edit Business Object Group
    • Create/edit Business Object relationships
    • Create/edit Business event

  • Form Set-up
    • Create/set up forms

  • Security Set-up
    • Per session
    • Per user
    • Per group
    • Per role

  • Business Rule/Task Setup
    • Business Rule
    • Business Task
    • Custom Rule/Task

  • Workflow
    • Configure workflow
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