Web-Based Sales Force Automation

In today's world of global business, even smaller companies may find they have sales reps scattered across many continents. With increased globalization comes the need for increased communication capabilities. What your business needs now is a web-based automation system for your sales force.

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A web-based system allows any member of your sales force to access information in real time that is consistent with the information available to all other reps, no matter where they may be. OpenBOX SFA (Sales Force Automation) 9.0 from OpenBOX Technologies will give you that capability. By integrating with your pre-existing MS Outlook, OpenBOX SFA provides centralized, consistent calendars, activity lists and data anywhere there is an internet connection.

Wireless Web-Based Sales Force Automation

With the deployment of an add-on module, web-based OpenBOX SFA can also be adapted for use with those handheld devices and cell phones that have internet capability. It just doesn't get any easier to keep everybody in the loop. Try the demo available on the website or call for a free trial, and find out just how valuable this automation tool can be.

With fully customizable dashboards, forms that can be generated and adapted in seconds, and the complete automation of data management tools, OpenBOX SFA is your key to increased productivity. Automate such tasks as assigning leads, managing territories and sending alerts and reminders, and see how much time you have to focus on those parts of your job that require the human touch. Your reps will thank you, too, for making their job easier.

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