Web-Based Project Management

One of the biggest problems you'll face when managing a large project is ensuring good communication. The more people you have on your team, the harder it is to make sure everyone has access to the information they need, and that the data is completely up to date. Fortunately, web-based project management software from OpenBOX Technologies can solve that problem for you.

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Because the software is web-based, OpenBOX Project Management 9.0 makes information available to authorized users in real time. It also prevents that information from getting into the wrong hands. With multi-level security, Project Management 9.0 restricts access according to rules you set up, so each user sees only the information you decide is relevant.

Web-based Project Management Automates Record Keeping and Analysis

OpenBOX web-based software not only makes information readily available, but it manages it for you, too. Reports and queries are included in standard formats, which are fully customizable to meet your specific needs. An audit trail is generated, which documents all transactions. It shows what changes were made throughout the project, when they were made, and who made them.

Project Management 9.0 also analyzes your data for you. It will automatically calculate your return on investment for the project as a whole, or for any segment. This web-based software is designed to work with OpenBOX Business Suite or with whatever application you currently use, and can be modified to fit your particular workflow parameters. Finally, it is so intuitive and easy to use that ordinary users can make modifications that used to require a programmer or IT personnel.

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