Web-Based Order Management

Automated web-based order management offers the quickest, easiest and most convenient way to implement the entire process. With web-based software, such as OpenBOX Order Management 9.0, status updates are automatically sent and both sales reps and customers can log on to find out real-time information. Frantic phone calls and frustrated customers can be a thing of the past.

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At each step of the sales order process, you can define protocols and business rules to be sure users move orders from phase to phase correctly. You also set up the parameters by which automatic notices are sent at crucial transition points. In fact, every aspect of the process can easily be customized to fit the specific needs of your enterprise.

Flexible and Secure Web-Based Order Management

OpenBOX Order Management 9.0 is designed to work with whatever application you are currently using, whether that is an OpenBOX product or not. Integration is seamless, and the company has had more than 18 years of experience in deployment of their product with Outlook, Oracle and other applications.

There are several levels of security, and user permissions can be set at any level. Using a password, users can view only that information which is relevant to them. When web-based technology allows customers to track their own orders in real time, this frees up your reps and customer service personnel and increases productivity. You'll find that your increased profits will pay for your investment in no time.

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