Web-Based Email Marketing Software

Email marketing is a highly effective strategy, but also extremely time-consuming. Now, however, you can efficiently manage an email campaign with the automated, web-based Marketing Campaign Manager 9.0 from OpenBOX Technologies. Watch your productivity soar as this software allows you to automate every stage of the campaign, from finding leads to selling up after the final purchase. And then it will calculate the ROI for you, too.

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This innovative web-based software, introduced in May 2007, takes care of all the detail work so you can manage the big picture. Versatile and fully customizable, it has been designed to be intuitive and easy to deploy. Now marketing managers can make the kind of adaptations that previously required the services of IT personnel.

Web-based Email Marketing Software Keeps Everyone Informed

Because it is web-based, Marketing Campaign Manager 9.0 allows all authorized users access to consistent information in real time. This way, all parties to the enterprise are on the same page. At each stage, you can also set up protocols and business rules that just about do away with possibilities for error.

Don't spend your time tallying how many of your email messages were opened, unopened, unsubscribed to, or bounced. Let the email marketing software do that for you automatically, and analyze the resulting data. Download a demo or contact OpenBOX to set up a free trial today, and see how much more time you'll have to do the creative thinking that's crucial to excellent marketing.

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