Web-Based CRM

For some businesses that choose CRM, in-house installation is the best way to implement the CRM software. For others, this is not an option because of cost, convenience, or other factors. For these companies, web-based CRM may be the answer. Delivery of CRM solutions through the Web gives you the best of both worlds: the simplicity and easy access of the web and all the tools and features of an in-house CRM installation. OpenBOX Technologies can provide web-based CRM adapted to your business model.

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Web-based CRM organizes your data from a company- or department-wide level to individual employees. Retrieving, sharing, and the importing and exporting of data can all be done confidently without fear that an important document will vanish somewhere in transit. Interface among all the modules and with MS Outlook allows information to be combined, rearranged, and sent to one person or as part of a mass e-mail.

Web Based CRM and Workflow

If you have a certain workflow web-based CRM can configure reports to conform to these steps and allow you to track the process at any or all points. Get access to the full business suite of OpenBOX products or choose the separate modules that will most benefit your business. The OpenBOX sales and service products cover most of the CRM essentials.

OpenBOX Technologies also offers applications that will improve your management style for projects, ordering, and dealing with partners. Let a friendly customer service representative help you decide on the best products for you. Contact one today for a free trial.

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