Web-Based CRM Software

CRM (Customer Relations Management) is the organizational tool of the moment. If you are thinking about taking on CRM software, make sure that you know all your options. Consider web-based CRM software. If the price tag on in-house installation is too great, SaaS (Software as a Service), or web hosting, can bring you the same resources for a monthly fee. OpenBOX Technologies will equip your firm with the web-based CRM software that benefits you most.

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The sales and service modules are the most in-demand products offered by OpenBOX. These packages centralize and simplify the work of those who deal directly with customers. Sales Force Automation empowers your sales team with lead and forecasting management, structuring for contact lists, streamlined reporting, and wireless access. CSM supplies precise tracking tools, a self-service database, integrated analytics, and a multi-channel contact center. Web-based CRM software makes all this accessible through a simple user ID and password.

The Advantages of Web-Based CRM Software

Enhance the productivity of your management with planning, marketing, and workflow options, along with customized reports and queries found in the OpenBOX order, campaign, product, and partner management solutions. All the web-based CRM software modules run separately, but can integrate and analyze data at any time. This keeps all your departments in touch and up to speed. Multi-level security settings also apply to all software.

Any or all of OpenBOX Technologies' custom-configured business software is obtainable online. Find out more by clicking on any of the business suite templates or by contacting a customer service representative for a free trial.

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