Small Business CRM

Small businesses have unique needs and concerns, especially when it comes to CRM. CRM can certainly benefit a small business, as well as a large one, but the applications must be configured for the small business plan. The experts we employ here at OpenBOX Technologies make a point of adapting our CRM software to the needs of the individual, and we cater to small- and mid-sized companies. If you are thinking about small business CRM, but wondering about its advantages, we can help.

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Almost any organization can stand to be more organized. This is the main point of CRM products, to simplify the way you arrange the data from every source. If you feel overwhelmed by paperwork, our online report forms can be tailored to your needs. You can integrate two applications and use analysis to assemble the data in any way you would like.

Small Business CRM: Simplify Sales and Service

Sales automation is one of our most popular products. It enables you to consolidate the records of single or group sales and track any part of the sales process, from an individual transaction to the progress of a territory or the effectiveness of a special offer. Define your workflow and let us match the software-tracking capabilities to exactly what you do.

Customer service is another business universal. Our self-help database allows customers to view solutions for themselves, before they are referred to one of your limited number of employees. We would be happy to give you more information on our economical solutions for small business CRM. Browse the site, view a demo, and contact us for a free trial.

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