Small Business CRM Software

Just because a business is small doesn't mean it can't benefit from CRM. However, small business CRM software must be customized for the small business model. Fortunately OpenBOX Technologies specializes in adapting software applications for individual situations. It can configure just the kind of small business CRM software you need.

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If your small business needs to economize, OpenBOX has CRM solutions to help you do it. Instead of endless paper, your reports, memos, and data can all be written and transmitted online. Your weary customer service representative can concentrate on productive work, while a customer with a question browses the OpenBOX extensive knowledge database to answer it. If the cost of in-house software installation is too high, try OpenBOX's web hosting option. You have access to all its organizational tools for a flat fee, and it runs the software for you on the Web.

You Control Your Small Business CRM Software

Its sales, service, and support modules can save time and money, too. You won't waste time searching for sales records and customer service requests, because they are all in one easily accessible place. With software customized to reflect your workflow process, you can track progress in a sales or marketing campaign step by step. Alter security settings to control where information goes and who sees it.

OpenBOX Technologies wants to help your small business prosper and grow through small business CRM software. Find out more by clicking on a product or feature, watching a short "viewlet" from the Demo Center or contacting a customer service representative with any questions you have.

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