Salesforce Automation

One of the most popular products from OpenBOX Technologies is salesforce automation (SFA). Salesforce automation organizes every phase of the sales process in a structure that can arrange and integrate data in any way you choose. Track territories, manage leads, put contacts in order and more, all from a single "dashboard" (access page).

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Salesforce automation can calculate lead probabilities, measure the success of a particular campaign, run forecast reports, and keep track of opportunities for every member of your sales staff, or for the company as whole. Sales representatives can quickly figure different quotes to match the various scenarios the customer may propose. Automatic reminders for lead follow-up and identification of cross-sell and up-sell opportunities add to the utility of this software. Analytic tools include pre-configured queries and reports illustrated with trend lines and colorful bar and pie charts.

Good Communication for Better Sales

SFA simplifies communication among the sales team and with outside contacts through its integration with MS Outlook. Outlook provides not only e-mail accounts, but activity scheduling and import/export capabilities. Add the OpenBOX Mobile Salesforce Automation module to get instant information on your cell phone from any WAP (wireless access point). Comprehensive communication means your sales team is always in touch and can collaborate in pursuing and closing sales.

Maintaining your special business style is no problem for SFA. The steps of your sales process can be preserved and made easier. Continue browsing this website to read more about the benefits of salesforce automation and the OpenBOX line of products. Sign up for a free trial to see what we are all about, and how we can help your company succeed.

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