Sales Tracking Tools

Got any black and white monitors in your office these days? Do you store your data on five-and-one-half-inch floppies? When you send your reps on the road, do you remind them to take change for the pay phone? Of course not! You wouldn't try to run your business with old, outmoded hardware, so why try to get along with outmoded software?

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OpenBOX SFA (Sales Force Automation) 9.0 is the latest in automated sales tracking tools from OpenBOX Technologies. This software gives you the tools you need to free yourself from what are basically clerical duties. No longer do you have to keep records, manage territories, assign and track leads, or collect data on sales. Let your computer do all that tracking for you.

Sales Tracking Tools Increase Productivity

Both managers and sales reps benefit from the increased productivity they experience when they are freed from these administrative duties. OpenBOX SFA integrates with your existing MS Outlook to provide a centralized, consistent data management system that is available in real time from anywhere there is internet access. No one ever needs to be out of the loop, even for a moment.

You don't have to worry about down time, either. The SFA system is so intuitive and easy to use that you'll have it deployed almost immediately. Every element can also be customized to meet the specific demands of your business. Use the latest in automated sales tracking tools and watch your productivity spike.

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