Sales Tracking Database

The higher you rise on the corporate ladder or the larger your small business grows, the further you get from doing what you do best. When you move from sales rep to sales manager, much of your time becomes dedicated to data wrangling. But now, with automated sales tracking database tools from OpenBOX Technologies, you can let your database do the work of collecting and organizing data while you ply your managerial and sales skills.

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OpenBOX SFA (Sales Force Automation) 9.0 has made a huge splash in the world of sales. Continue browsing the OpenBOX website to see testimonials from happy clients who have seen their workload diminish and their productivity rise. Then try the demo on the website or call for a free trial and see what SFA can do for you.

Sales Tracking Database Is a Fully Customizable Tool

The SFA sales tracking database will become your silent partner, the one who does all the administrative work so you can be free to use your creativity and interpersonal skills. It keeps track of contact information, tracks and assigns leads, manages territories, collects and analyzes data, generates reports and even makes projections. What more could you ask for?

Right. You want it easy to use, easy to maintain, and available at a price that guarantees a quick return on your investment. OpenBOX SFA meets all those criteria, too. It integrates with your existing MS Outlook. It's web-based, so all your reps can get consistent, real-time information from anywhere there's internet access. With an add-on module, your sales tracking database can even be accessed from cell phones and other hand-held devices. What are you waiting for?

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