Sales Rep Tracking

It's 10 AM. Do you know where your sales reps are? Does the one in Hong Kong have important information to relay to the one in Albuquerque? Your newest hire was late following up on a lead last week. Is he on top of everything now? Who's leading in that head-to-head battle between your two top reps? The answers to these and any other questions you might have are at your fingertips when you have automated sales rep tracking software from OpenBOX Technologies.

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OpenBOX SFA (Sales Force Automation) 9.0 is a sales manager's best ally. Seamlessly integrated with existing MS Outlook, this easy-to-use tool makes it possible for you to stay in communication with your reps 24/7, from wherever web access can be found. Information is consolidated enterprise-wide, and available in real time. There's even an add-on module available that lets a rep access information from a handheld device or an enabled cell phone.

Automated Sales Rep Tracking Benefits Everyone

When there's one central calendar, updated and accessible in real time, everyone can be certain they're on the same page. When the steps in your sales process are clearly defined and monitored, managerial tracking of the sales force is made easier and the team can work together no matter how far apart they are geographically. When reminders and alerts are sent automatically, you don't have to worry about anyone dropping the ball.

Sales rep tracking with OpenBOX SFA makes everyone's lives easier. Try the demo available on our website or call for a trial today. You'll wonder how you ever managed a sales force without it.

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