Sales Management Software

You're probably well aware of all the benefits that can accrue when you automate administrative and record-keeping tasks with sales management software. However, you may be hesitant to make that move, either because your company is constantly changing or because you think it might be difficult to administer. OpenBOX SFA (Sales Force Automation) 9.0, the newest sales management software from OpenBOX Technologies, will solve both these problems for you.

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OpenBOX SFA is completely customizable, so that it can grow with your company. Every function, from collecting data to managing territories and making projections, can be easily adapted to fit your changing circumstances. And since the OpenBOX SFA integrates seamlessly with your existing MS Outlook, deployment and change are easy and intuitive.

Sales Management Software That Doesn't Burden Your IT Resources

OpenBOX SFA is so easy to use that you can make as many administrative changes as you want without putting extra demands on your IT personnel. A "rules and tools" dashboard for administrators allows you to make changes to the software quickly and easily. Customize fields on forms with a simple click and drag. Adapt the software to fit your management style and keep the sales cycle consistent, no matter how far-flung your reps might be.

Since this sales management software is web-based, it can be conveniently accessed from anyplace there is internet capability. With the addition of a wireless add-on module, your reps can even access real-time information from any hand-held PDA or cell phone with internet capability. Try the demo or request a free trial today, and see how easy automating your sales force can be.

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