Sales Lead Tracking

A good lead is an indispensable requirement for any kind of sales achievement. However, the best lead in the world will do you no good if you aren't able to track it accurately and develop it carefully from lead to sale. Now, tracking that lead is easier than ever before, thanks to OpenBOX SFA (Sales Force Automation) 9.0 from OpenBOX Technologies.

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OpenBOX SFA allows you to track leads from inception through sales and beyond. The software provides forms that you can customize to assign and track leads through the entire sales cycle. When you and your team can rely on automated tracking, that frees up more time for true management on your part and real salesmanship from your sales force.

Consistent Best Practices in Sales Lead Tracking

OpenBOX SFA 9.0 is integrated with your existing MS Outlook. It is web-based and wireless, which means that all your reps can access enterprise-wide information in real time from anywhere on the road that Web access is available. Managing becomes a lot easier when you know that consistent best practices are in place and available for all reps, all the time.

If you have any doubts about how OpenBOX SFA can make your life easier, take a few minutes to explore the demo offered on our website. Your doubts will disappear. Give us a call or send us an email to get started tracking your leads automatically. The software is so easy to install and use that you'll be at full capability within a matter of days.

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