Sales Lead Management

As a sales manager, you know that your leads are among your most important assets. Finding leads, developing them, assigning them to reps, and tracking them until they become sales are tasks at the very heart of sales management. With sales lead management software from OpenBOX Technologies, you can protect those valuable leads and make the most of them.

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OpenBOX SFA (Sales Force Automation) 9.0 is the new software that will help you manage every lead with full flexibility and automation. Information on leads is kept separate from contact and sales information. Leads are automatically assigned according to your criteria. You can set up a set of customized rules that will keep all your reps on the right track as they follow leads, and even send them reminders and alerts as needed.

Sales Lead Management Software Provides Security

Obviously, this information needs to be carefully protected. OpenBOX SFA offers multi-level security to be sure your valuable lead assets remain yours alone. The software uses a certificate server with 128-bit encryption, as well as redundant multi-location data storage. All web-based information is password protected, so it is easily available to your reps and nobody else.

Manage your leads easily and protect them carefully with OpenBOX SFA. Try a demo on the website today or call to request a free trial. Once you see what OpenBOX SFA management software can do for you, we're sure you'll want to join the ranks of our many satisfied clients.

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