Sales Force Tools

Everyone knows that having the right tools, and those of the highest quality, makes it easier to do a job well. That's just as true for a sales manager and his or her sales force as it is for a carpenter or plumber. OpenBOX Technologies offers you the tools you need to bring your productivity to its highest level.

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A carpenter doesn't try to cut boards with a pocket knife, nor does a plumber tighten a joint without a pipe wrench, so why should you limit your productivity by doing everything manually? Why spend your time compiling data and preparing reports when you could have those things done for you, thereby freeing you up to make the best use of that data? OpenBOX SFA (Sales Force Automation) 9.0 is the best tool you'll ever invest in, and will pay for itself many times over.

Sales Force Tools Help You Take Advantage of Every Opportunity

Making the original sale is crucially important, but there are additional opportunities to be found. Imagine how much you could improve your bottom line if neither you nor your sales force ever missed an opportunity to cross-sell or up-sell within the ranks of your existing clients. OpenBOX SFA allows you to generate queries that will identify every one of those possibilities, leaving you the time to follow up on them.

Once you've set up a campaign that will take advantage of these opportunities, you can run it using the FSA Marketing Campaign Management module to track your increased productivity. All of these tools integrate seamlessly with your MS Outlook. Since they are wireless and web-based, they are available to every member of your team, in real time, wherever Web access exists. Try the SFA demo on our website, and you'll never do these tasks "by hand" again.

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