Sales Force Software

When you have OpenBOX SFA (Sales Force Automation) 9.0, you can be free of all the tasks that don't make the best use of your time. Which is more important, generating a report or understanding it and what it implies? Wouldn't you rather spend your time strategizing on the basis of data presented than gathering and presenting that data?

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OpenBOX SFA does all the grunt work for you, so you can increase your productivity exponentially. The software includes several of the most commonly used templates for queries and reports, but you can also customize these templates to fit your specific needs. You can generate text reports, graphics such as bar charts, pie charts, and trend graphs, or any combination you desire.

Sales Force Software Keeps Everyone on the Same Page

When members of your sales force are out in the field, communication is key. As a manager, you need to be certain that everyone has the information he or she needs, and that all reps are reporting back in a consistent, timely manner. OpenBOX SFA is a web-based wireless application, which means that your sales reps can access enterprise-wide information in real time from anywhere they have web access.

By using automated sales force software, you can be certain that the best practices are being applied consistently, no matter where your reps might be. The software allows you to develop and assign leads and manage territories by whatever criteria you choose: geographical, by product, or by rep. Try the demo available on the website today, and see what OpenBOX SFA 9.0 can do for you.

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