Sales Force Management

There are many skills required to be successful in a sales management position. Interpersonal skills are probably the most important, but unfortunately, most managers spend the bulk of their time on other duties. Reports must be prepared, territories administered, projections generated, data analyzed--these record-keeping and organizational duties eat up far too much of a manager's time. There is, however, a simple solution available that will allow managers to spend their time where it is most needed. That solution is sales force management software from OpenBOX Technologies.

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OpenBOX SFA (Sales Force Automation) 9.0 provides all the tools you need to automate those managerial tasks that don't require your human touch. This web-based software works with your existing setup to take care of administrative duties and keep them consistent throughout your enterprise. OpenBOX SFA keeps track of contact information, tracks leads and assigns them to territories, manages those territories, and even generates your reports and projections for you.

Automated Sales Force Management You Can Control

Fully automated sales force management, however, doesn't mean that you give up one bit of your managerial authority. What it does mean is that you only have to set up your preferences and parameters. Then the software takes over, managing your paperwork exactly as you wish, so that you can spend your time actually managing your sales force.

Feel free to further browse the OpenBOX website to learn more about automated sales force management and other automation options. Try the demo to see just what SFA 9.0 can do for you. Then call or email today to begin automating your enterprise. OpenBOX Technologies can have you up and running in just a few days.

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