Sales Force Automation

Among the tools provided by OpenBOX Technologies Customer Relations Management, one of the most useful is Sales Force Automation. As with all its products, the point is consolidation (putting all your sales force information in one place) and customized configuration (arranging the information most important to you in the way you find easiest). Choose pre-configured queries, forms, and reports and adjust them to your own needs.

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Communications applications are integrated with MS Outlook. Schedules, messages, contacts, and more can be imported and exported using Sales Force Automation. Wireless access by laptop or cell phone provides up-to-the-minute data for your entire staff or sales personnel to use, share, or store.

Sales Force Automation Tracks Territory and Assignments

Sales Force Automation allows you to manage territory in a variety of ways: by location, product, representative, or whatever way you find most efficient. You can also track a sales assignment through every step, from first contact to product shipment. Complete account histories are available to your staff, as well as auto-reminders to follow up on a lead and easy forecast reporting. The Marketing Campaign Module helps you identify and track cross-sell and up-sell opportunities.

Sales team members can coordinate their efforts precisely through Sales Force Automation, even when on the road. Your sales manager can track the workflow process at every point. The adjustable selection of dashboard gadgets gives you quick access to your customized invoices, tables, and analytic applications. In short, Sales Force Automation keeps track of everything. You could be using SFA to streamline your sales in a matter of days. Request a trial and see what OpenBOX Technologies CRM can do for you.

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