Sales Force Automation Tools

How much more productive could you and your sales force be if you didn't have to worry about keeping up with the paperwork? What if, when you closed a deal, you could move right on to the next deal without having to stop and write a report on the first? How much easier would it be to manage your reps and their territories if you had the tools to assign leads automatically, according to whatever criteria you set up?

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We presume you didn't have to think much about those answers. Reduction of paperwork and automation of organizational and record-keeping tasks are the dream of any business, and especially so for those in sales. Now that dream can become a reality. An easy, usable and efficient set of sales force automation tools has arrived that will free you up to concentrate on salesmanship and boost productivity to unprecedented heights. Say hello to OpenBOX Sales Force Automation 9.0 from OpenBOX technologies.

Let Sales Force Automation Tools Do It for You

When people looked to the future as computers became a part of mainstream life and business, there were some impractical Jetsons fantasies. We don't have computers that will give you a haircut and massage, and we don't have computers that can effectively close a deal. But now your computer can do what it was meant to do: take care of all your organizational, administrative and record-keeping duties so that you can concentrate on the things that need your human skills.

OpenBOX SFA organizes contacts, tracks leads, manages territories, analyzes data and generates reports. These advanced tools can even make projections and identify opportunities for cross selling and up selling. Run a demo on our website to see just how much help OpenBOX SFA can provide for you, and then give us a call.

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