Sales Force Automation Systems

Sales force automation systems have been around for a while. However, they haven't proven themselves truly useful until now. OpenBOX Technologies now offers OpenBOX SFA (sales force automation) 9.0, a browser-based automation system that will streamline the administrative and organizational elements of the entire sale process, from contact to lead to sell to follow up. With OpenBOX SFA 9.0, you and your team will be freed up to focus on actual salesmanship, the part of the process that only humans can do.

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Begin with the original contact. Any decent sales team generates a number of contacts that can quickly become overwhelming. OpenBOX SFA organizes all that data into one central location, easily accessed by any team member from any computer. When contacts evolve into leads, your Sales Force Automation systems keep track of them and automatically assign them according to a protocol you customize. If, for instance, you want leads assigned by territory, our systems can manage that any way you please--by state, zip code, product, rep or whatever criteria you choose.

Sales Force Automation Systems Integrate with Outlook

All our OpenBOX systems integrate seamlessly with your existing MS Outlook, providing easy, centralized access to your data. Everything is consistent and enterprise-wide, from your calendar to your email to your contacts. Furthermore, this consistent and centralized data can easily be exported and imported, and can be accessed by any authorized user from any location with internet access.

Our website gives you plenty of customer feedback about the ease and efficiency of OpenBOX SFA 9.0 as compared to other systems. If you've tried another system and haven't been happy with it, or if you are concerned about how to implement a new system in your organization, contact us today. We'll have you up and running in just a few days, and soon you won't know how you got along without us.

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