Sales Activity Tracking

Sales don't just magically happen. Sales representatives and managers go through a set process from lead to closing, and it is important that every step in the process be carried out. CRM sales activity tracking makes sure that the process is properly instituted and that any glitch or slow-down is noted and resolved. The "magic" is CRM technology provided by Sales Force Automation software from OpenBOX Technologies.

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Sales activity tracking is based on workflow, or a series of steps initiated by an event and guided by rules. OpenBOX will configure your software to whatever process you prefer, or you can use the out-of-the-box workflow plan. The point of the program is to simplify, not complicate, the way you do sales. Once the process is in place, sales activity tracking allows you to "look in" on a sale, sales representative, or territory at any point.

Audit Trails in Sales Activity Tracking

Use audit trails to track any changes made in the records by users. Automate e-mail responses and alerts with event-triggered responses. For example, if the program detects a stoppage or slow-down in the workflow, everyone concerned with that task (individual sales representatives, the team, managers, or even the CEO) receives a notice. Information is available at any time. With the mobile add-on feature, it can even be delivered through wireless access.

OpenBOX Technologies' CRM tools make any business procedure easier to keep track of. Browse the products or features sections for further details. For a free trial, or for a one-on-one consultation about how sales activity tracking can help your company, contact OpenBOX directly.

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