Purchase Order Management

Purchase orders are a necessary evil in your job as sales manager. They add extra steps to the process and can result in delays and errors. However, you can now make purchase order handling smooth and seamless with OpenBOX Order Management 9.0 from OpenBOX Technologies.

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Since this software is based on the Web, anyone with permission can access it in real time: you, your sales force, and your customers. Order Management 9.0 is an add-on module that works with other programs in our Office Suite or with the program you already use. By keeping the process consistent and easily accessible, you can prevent snafus and errors and provide your clients with exceptional customer service--the kind that keeps them coming back.

Purchase Order Management Made Easy

OpenBOX Order Management 9.0 allows for full customization, so that you can preset every aspect of the purchase process to suit your particular needs and preferences. The software is also designed to grow with your business. Once you have it in place--which is a matter of days, not weeks or months--you can continually adapt it to your changing circumstances.

Continue to browse our website, where you will find glowing customer testimonials to the savings our software systems can provide. You'll also find an online demo and contact information to request a free trial. Once you see what Order Management 9.0 can do for you, we feel sure you'll be joining the ranks of our satisfied customers.

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