Project Management Software

Even the largest and most complex projects can be tamed with Project Management software from OpenBOX Technologies. This browser-based software solution is designed to integrate easily with your current workflow and provide real-time access to information, tasks, schedules, and resources for your entire team. Now you have the help available to bring that project in on time and within your budget.

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All aspects of a project can be handled more efficiently. You and your team can view enterprise-consistent data from anywhere there is internet access. Easily find information on the priorities and statuses of project segments. See what resources have been allocated for your use, and what time and costs are estimated for your project. Set up and track schedules easily and efficiently. Project Management 9.0 software does it all for you.

Flexible, Easy-to-Use Project Management Software

Project Management 9.0 is fully customizable, so you can design it to do exactly what you need, in compliance with your own workflow and best practices. Customized dashboards provide all the necessary data on one screen, so you never have to flip through windows to find what you need. Fields can be added and changed at will, and gadgets easily configured.

Project Management 9.0 is available to you as hosted (ASP) or as an in-house application. Access our online demo library to be walked through Project Management, or any of our other Business Suite modules, in streaming video. You can also contact us to arrange for a free trial. Once you see what Project Management 9.0 can do for you, we know you're going to want it!

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