Partner Relationship Management

Partner Management 9.0, a web-based software application from OpenBOX Technologies, is your best resource for ensuring a consistent and efficient relationship throughout a partnership lifecycle. Beginning with recruitment and approval, through all elements of implementation, and through to evaluation, every aspect of the partner relationship can be configured to meet your specific needs. The software is designed to be intuitive enough that an ordinary user can make changes and adaptations that previously would have required a programmer.

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Imagine how much easier your partner relationship could be if all parties had access to seamless, real-time communication. Information sharing affects every aspect of your partnership: collaborative selling, service, and marketing. Partner Management 9.0 also automates the process of partner measurements and attributions.

Partner Relationship Management Software Offers Complete Security

Obviously, all this information needs to be rigorously protected. Partner Management 9.0 offers three-tier security architecture and role-based delivery. Each aspect of the application can be adapted to the role of each user. For instance, all partners can see their own leads, but only Partner Managers can see the leads of all partners.

Such security can be set at the group, user, form, record, or command level, allowing you to customize the authentication to meet your specific needs. Forms, queries, and reports--in fact, almost all aspects of the application--can be easily adapted to suit your current relationship, and also to grow with you. Visit the Demo Center for a streaming video walk-through today, and see what Partner Management 9.0 can do for you.

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