Partner Management Software

Partnerships of any kind are complex, and in the business world, they can be fraught with problems. The best way to avoid problems in your partner relationship is to have clear lines of communication at all stages of the partnership lifecycle. Both the partner and the person who manages the partners benefit when expectations, processes, evaluations, and compensations are clearly delineated from the start.

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The easiest way to accomplish this is by using Partner Management 9.0, a web-based software application from OpenBOX Technologies, the experts in the field of end-to-end CRM solutions. As makers of the Business Suite, which includes Sales Force Automation, Customer Service, Campaign Management, and Project Management, OpenBOX is the choice of many Fortune 500 companies, many of whom have turned to it after trying other applications.

Partner Management Software That Adapts to Your Needs

What makes OpenBOX software so exceptional? It is unmatched in adaptability and scalability. Partner Management 9.0, like all the other software applications in the Business Suite, is designed to integrate seamlessly with whatever platform you are currently using. Each aspect of the software can be easily customized to suit your specific needs and preferences, and can grow as your business grows.

Having access to one centralized, consistent source of real-time information makes the entire partner relationship run more smoothly. Partners can log in at any time with support requests, to check on the status of open items, or to update account information. Access is role-defined and regulated by three-tier security architecture. For more information on this and other software applications, continue to browse the website or visit the Demo Center.

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