Order Processing Software

Order processing software is not new, but OpenBOX Order Manager 9.0 is. This flexible, automated web-based system integrates seamlessly with your current application and conforms to your workflow, to provide problem-free order processing for businesses of any size. An add-on module from OpenBOX Technologies, Order Manager 9.0, will pay for itself in no time by increased productivity and happy repeat customers.

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At every step of the process, this software allows you to configure forms and actions to suit the specific needs of your business. Reps and customers alike can access information in real time--information which will be consistent throughout the enterprise. Your information is protected by multi-level security, which allows authorized users password access limited to roles you define.

Order Processing Software Automates Order Tracking

OpenBOX Order Manager 9.0 will automatically issue status reports at whatever stages of the process and in whatever manner you define. You may, for instance, want some processing updates to go to sales reps and others to go to the customer. You define what you want and the software will execute it.

Order Manager 9.0 is designed to grow with your business, too. As your volume of sales increases, you can adjust the workflow and redefine the best practices to meet your needs. Take a look at the online demo or request a free trial. Also, continue to browse the website to find information about other products from OpenBOX Technologies that will make your business run more smoothly.

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