Order Management

Getting that order is crucial, but it's only half the battle. Once you have a customer who has committed to buying your product or service, it's up to you to track and manage the order until the sale is successfully completed. There are a lot of places where errors can occur and customer goods can get lost. You can prevent that by using OpenBOX Order Management 9.0, the software that makes tracking orders easy and foolproof.

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Order Management 9.0 is an add-on module that can be combined with OpenBOX CRM or your existing system to provide error-free automation at every step of the sales order cycle. From first receipt of the order to final delivery and beyond, each element is tracked and accessible to customers and sales reps in real time. Status reports, shipment tracking, confirmations and more are automatically monitored by this innovative software.

Customizable Order Management Software

Whether you are managing a multinational sales force or a small start-up business, OpenBOX Order Management software can be adapted to meet your needs. Order forms, reports and queries are fully customizable, and adaptations are intuitive and easy to make. OpenBOX Order Management 9.0 can grow with you as your business expands.

Multi-level security options allow you to set user permissions at any level, allowing users to view only the information that is relevant to them. Again, these views and permissions are easily modified as circumstances change. Try the website demo or contact us for a free trial today, and see what Order Management 9.0 can do for you.

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