Order Management Workflow

Perhaps you have considered automating your order management process, but have had concerns about how it might affect your existing workflow. Few companies can afford any major disruption that might result from deploying a new system. That's especially true for smaller enterprises, which may be automating for the first time.

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There's no need to worry about deployment disruption when you choose OpenBOX Order Management 9.0, the latest web-based automation software from OpenBOX Technologies. This add-on module is designed to work with whatever application you are currently using, whether that be one of our management solutions or some other platform. With more than 18 years of experience, it will take us only days to get you up and running, as opposed to the weeks or months other systems might demand.

Order Management Workflow to Match Your Process

Each step in the workflow is completely customizable, so that you can match your existing process. Every form required for workflow steps can also be configured to match your needs and assure consistency. Order forms, for example, can be provided with drop-down menus for products and pricing, so that the same form can be used throughout your enterprise.

Your information is protected by multi-level security, with access to any field password protected and limited to the role-based model that you set up. Try our online demo or contact us to request a free trial. There's no need to disrupt your workflow when you can simply improve it.

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