Order Management Software

Customer A in Biloxi wants to change his order. Customer B in Fairbanks wants to know whether her order has been shipped. Customer C in Chicago needs to expedite delivery. And they all want their issues dealt with right now. What do you do?

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Nothing--just sit back and let the OpenBOX automated order management software take care of everything. From the moment your sales rep takes an order until the moment your customer receives it and is satisfied, OpenBOX Order Management 9.0 handles it every step of the way. Fully automated and fully customizable, Order Management 9.0 is an add-on module that works with OpenBOX CRM or your existing platform to track and manage every order with ultimate ease and security. That allows you to focus your attention on the big picture.

Flexible Order Management Software

OpenBOX Order Management 9.0 is designed to grow with your business and to reflect your preferences along the way. From customizable order forms to user-defined queries and reports, this software is easily integrated with your existing system. OpenBOX Technologies has more than 18 years of experience integrating systems, including expertise in Oracle and Sybase.

Easy to deploy and easy to manage, OpenBOX software is setting the industry standard. View the online demo or request a free trial and you'll be convinced this is the solution for you. OpenBOX will have you up and running, on time and on budget, with precisely the attributes you need for optimal order management.

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