Online Sales Force Automation

More and more businesses are discovering that Sales Force Automation is a program they can't do without. It assembles detailed tracking of leads, calls, quotes and invoices in one easily accessible place. At OpenBOX Technologies, we make this crucial program available in two ways: as in-house turnkey installed software or hosted online. "Hosting," or SaaS (Software as a Service), allows your company online access to Sales Force Automation and other software for a monthly fee and is often the preferred way for smaller companies to get the benefits this application offers.

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Online Sales Force Automation works the same way an installation does, except that it is accessed through a user ID/password combination online. It is secured by multi-level settings, needs no special browser adaptations, and can be reconfigured to suit your business rules and practices. The knowledge database and document library are equally usable online, as are features such as quote management, team-oriented sales tools, and lead tracking.

Online Sales Force Automation Planning Tools

Sales Force Automation includes planning and tracking capabilities. Forecasting and opportunity management automatically attribute probabilities to the sale based on where the lead is in the workflow. Calculate forecasts for an individual or the entire team, auto-populate invoices and reports and define goals for sales representatives, products, or territories, all with convenient online access.

All of our programs can be used online and integrated to work together. Find out which software is best for your business. Contact us today to learn how our exceptional programs can help your business.

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