Online CRM Software

CRM is widely considered one of the best advances in business technology, and online CRM software is considered one of the best advances in CRM. SaaS (Software as a Service) eliminates a lot of the problems of buying and installing in-house software, yet lets you keep the advantages of CRM technology. These advantages include outstanding organization tools, integrated databases, tracking capabilities, and streamlined customer service.

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The online CRM software from OpenBOX Technologies automates the entire sales process. From lead management and customized price quotes, to follow-up to closing and invoice to reports, every part of sales management can be done online from any computer. Track the progress of a sale, or look up a customer's history with a simple mouse click. Meanwhile, you are spared the cost and difficulty of maintaining CRM software yourself.

A Host of Tools from Online CRM Software

Managing data, arranging schedules, and interacting with customers and other employees is easier online. Real-time dashboard data keeps you abreast of new developments, and e-mail lets you get in touch with clients or coworkers for collaborative efforts. Plan, assess, and carry out a marketing campaign with your team. Ticket, track, and solve customer service requests in record time without the risk of the information disappearing. Analytics, evaluation, and even partner management can all be done online.

All the OpenBOX Technologies features, including easy access, complete module integration, end-to-end solutions, and video training are as effective with SaaS applications as with installed software. The same security and rapid deployment measures apply. OpenBOX can help you decide if online CRM software is for you. Contact a customer service representative today for a free trial.

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