Marketing Campaign Management

Planning, managing and tracking a full-scale marketing campaign is a demanding proposition that can strain the resources of any company. Fortunately, help is available from OpenBOX Technologies. Their automated, web-based Marketing Campaign Management 9.0 software will revolutionize the way you run your marketing campaigns from now on.

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Begin with your leads. OpenBOX web-based software will automatically identify and capture leads according to criteria you set. If, for example, a prospect clicked on a specific link, that data will be transferred to the database and assigned a specific code. When used in conjunction with Sales Force Management software, that lead can be automatically assigned to a sales rep according to your defined criteria.

Marketing Campaign Management Software Does It All for You

Once your leads have been identified and assigned, you can use the Marketing Campaign Management software to automatically create, schedule and send materials, whether email, voice messages or fax campaigns. Each element is tracked for response so that you can choose the best method for following up. In compliance with regulations, there is also an automatic unsubscribe function.

Data analysis provides for targeted, effective follow-up. Your marketing campaign software will identify opportunities for cross-selling and up-selling, as well as flagging the most effective marketing channels. All of this functionality is available to you in a cost-effective and easy-to-use software application. Download the online demo or request a free trial today, and see how easily you can tame the most demanding marketing campaign.

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