Marketing Automation

Unless you're still working out of your garage (and maybe even if you are), you can benefit enormously from automation of your marketing campaigns with web-based software from OpenBOX Technologies. Their web-based software module, Marketing Campaign Management 9.0, allows you to schedule, implement, track, and follow up on every aspect of even the most major campaign, while still being flexible enough to adapt to your specific needs.

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Marketing Campaign Management 9.0 can be used as a stand-alone application or as part of the OpenBOX Business Suite. When used in conjunction with Sales Force Manager 9.0, for instance, it can not only capture and classify leads, but also automatically assign them to your reps according to the rules you configure. In fact, this automation software is infinitely adaptable, allowing you to set your criteria at every stage of the campaign.

Marketing Automation Software Makes Follow-Up Easy

Once your leads have been captured and assigned, the OpenBOX software will schedule and implement email, voice mail and fax applications. Statistics, such as emails bounced, read, unread, and unsubscribed, are gathered in real time, allowing you to make informed choices about the best way to follow up. (There is also an automatic unsubscribe to comply with legislation.)

With so much help, it becomes easy to decide on the most profitable way to proceed with your marketing campaign. Let automation take care of the administrative work, so you can use your creativity. Download the online demo today, or call OpenBOX Technologies to set up a free trial.

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