Marketing Automation Tools

There are plenty of automation tools available for marketing campaigns these days. So how do you know which one is right for you? One of the best criteria you can use is the level of customization and flexibility the software offers. At OpenBOX Technologies, we think you'll find our Marketing Campaign Manager 9.0 to be the one that offers you the most opportunities to design your software exactly as you please.

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Many other automation tools require that you use them with a particular application. While our marketing software can be used as a component of our Business Suite, it can also be seamlessly integrated with Oracle, CRM tools or whatever application you're currently using. Furthermore, Marketing Campaign Manager is the only software available that uses the OpenBOX integrated email, voice and fax capabilities.

Manage Multi-Stage Campaigns with Marketing Automation Tools

At every stage of even the most complex marketing campaign, this web-based software offers you the opportunity to set up rules and protocols exactly as you want them. The clean, centralized management dashboard allows you to keep all the elements under control enterprise-wide, while still providing consistent, real-time information to all authorized users. You can track both statistics on the step-by-step elements of the campaign, such as number of emails opened, and your running return on investment for the campaign as a whole or any part of it.

Download a demo or request a free trial today. You have to try it to believe how flexible this software is. When it comes to automation tools, no one can surpass OpenBOX Technologies.

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