Lead-Tracking Software

By now, most people know that CRM sales force automation is the hope of the future in automating and simplifying the sales process. Some, however, may not know that this program includes strong lead-tracking software. Lead management is at the core of good sales practice, and the lead-tracking tools we've developed at OpenBOX Technologies make it easy and effective.

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When a lead is first entered into the system, it is kept separate from the accounts section until it is sold. It then achieves account status and a sales representative is assigned to it electronically based on the lead attributes and sales team availability. After the first call, the lead enters the sales cycle and is reclassified according to the next step in the process. The sending of appropriate e-mails, such as a customer welcome, status change notification, and event-prompted reminders, are a part of the lead-tracking software capabilities.

Lead Tracking Software: Your Process, Our Program

If you are happy with your lead-tracking as it is, that's fine with us. We will adapt the software to your method and business rules. Auto-populated forms, standardized reports, and interfaces with other programs will improve and speed the process. Audit trail tracking oversees lead management at any or all phases. If the software senses inactivity on a lead, it is redirected through the procedure.

Automated lead tracking software takes one of the most important aspects of sales and makes it easier and more effective. Few businesses exist that couldn't use this application. We hope that you will contact us to find out more about CRM solutions for your company.

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