Lead Management System

Nothing makes your sales representatives happier than a new lead. They do their homework, send information, call, and follow up. But that might not be enough. The OpenBOX Technologies SFA program automates all sales processes, including a lead management system that keeps new prospects organized and on the "front burner." Your sales team will love the ease of use, the added sales, and the reduced workload that result from using our lead management system.

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Lead management enables you to prioritize the order in which leads are contacted and to assign the sales rep you think is right for job to make the call. Sort leads by attributes, put them in a queue, and change their statuses as the process goes along (first contact, second, and so on). Our comprehensive database system puts all the information you need at your disposal.

Lead Management System Communication

You control the communications that drive the lead management procedure. Automatically send a welcome e-mail to a new prospect. Schedule e-mail reminders for dates you wish contact those further down the list, or set an alert if too much time goes by before they are contacted. You can find any slow-down in the process and remedy it in a timely fashion, view the process at any step, and review it when completed.

Lead management is paramount in making sales. Our lead management system gives you the tools do it with maximum benefit to your business. Contact us today for a free trial.

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