"We didn't have to move one single piece of data into a new system. OpenBOX just plugged into our existing SQL database."

What is OpenBOX IT HelpDesk?

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OpenBOX Help Desk is a web-based service solution that automates and streamlines support services offered to internal and external customers.

With its powerful features, OpenBOX Help Desk has helped organizations reduce support costs, improve support staff productivity, and maximize customer satisfaction. Help Desk is part of a comprehensive service solution that includes multi-channel contact center, web self-service, and knowledge management.

Multi-channel contact center

OpenBOX Help Desk provides multi-channel communication between customers, service reps and internal employees. Whether service requests come in via telephone, web or e-mail they will be logged, tracked and assigned in one place for a consistent and efficient support process.

Defined support process

OpenBOX Help Desk can be easily configured and customized to match an organization’s existing or defined workflow. It dynamically generates action buttons to guide users to next steps of support process. Possible next actions can be configured for each user group according to specific workflow model.

Automatic ticket assignment and status change notification

Once a support request is submitted, a ticket is automatically generated and assigned. Automatic e-mail notifications can be sent on status changes, field updates or based on the movement of issues through the workflow, providing complete control of projects and preventing any loss of details or data. Once a ticket is assigned, the rep receives an automatic e-mail with a URL pointing to the record. When a ticket is closed, an e-mail will automatically be generated to the customer.

Web self-service

Significantly reduce incoming phone calls by providing employees with web self-service. Empower customers to help themselves using a web self-service portal where they can submit and check the status of service requests or search the knowledge base for potential resolutions to issues.

Time/cost tracking

Time and cost tracking functions track time spent on resolving support issues and calculate the total cost based on salary or pre-negotiated rate. Easily calculate the cost of an entire project for invoicing or tracking ROI.

More productive support personnel

Service requests are captured, assigned and tracked in one place. Support personnel access complete account information and ticket history including activities, e-mails, file attachments and status notification dates.

Comprehensive, fully searchable knowledge database

Support staff can search the knowledge base for a solution with a single click. New solutions can be entered for others to reference. The knowledge base can also be available to customers for web self-service.

Comprehensive reports and queries

Help Desk includes several pre-configured queries and reports for analysis and tracking. Creating and generating various types of queries and reports is easy and requires no IT support.

Asset management option

Track assets whether IT or fixed within Help Desk. Keep track of and manage critical information including life expectancy, current value, maintenance dates and warranties/contracts.


As with all OpenBOX products, Help Desk contains powerful customization features that allow users to personalize dashboards and gadgets based on preferences, viewing only the information they need when they need it.


Intuitive administration tools allow admins to create and modify tables, build forms and user interfaces, set and control field attributes, call external web pages into the OpenBOX application and much more. Multi-level security settings can be set at the group, user, form, field, record and command levels.

Seamless integration

Built to adapt to existing business processes and applications, the OpenBOX architecture enables seamless integration with back-office accounting and ERP systems for a true end-to-end CRM solution.

Up and running in days not months

With its strong architecture and customization tools, Help Desk can be up and running in days. Customers can work with our Professional Services group to reduce implementation costs.

Available hosted or turnkey

Help Desk is available either hosted (ASP) or as an in-house, turnkey solution. Start with the hosted solution today and bring it in-house when needed. The choice is yours.

Web-based, easily accessible

Help Desk is completely web-based and easily accessible using a log-in ID and password. All that is needed is a web browser.

Part of a complete CRM solution

Integrate Help Desk with other modules including Marketing Campaign Management, Sales Force Automation, Order Management, Project Management, and Partner Management for a complete, enterprise-wide CRM solution.

Experience Low TCO, High ROI with OpenBOX

OpenBOX Professional Services will work with customers to leverage existing processes, resources and applications and design the right CRM solution or applications to fit the organization’s needs. Through Professional Services, customers are able to keep implementation costs down resulting in low total cost of ownership and highest return on investment.

-------- Technical Specifications --------


Supported Databases: Oracle, SQL Server, DB2

Supported Operating Systems: Windows 2000, 2003 with .NET Framework 2.0 or greater

Supported Web Server: IIS 5.0 or IIS 6.0

Authentication: LDAP/Active Directory or OpenBOX Native Authentication

Support for external reporting tools: Crystal, LogiXML or other BI tools

Data Importing/Exporting: Excel, TXT, XML, TSV, CSV


Supported Operating Systems: Windows Vista, Windows XP, NT, 2003, 2000 with minimum screen resolution 1024x768

Supported browsers: IE 6 or greater, Firefox 2.0.2 or greater

OpenBOX Hosted Data Center

Data security, availability, and reliability for ASP users: Certificate server with 128-bit encryption, database high availability and redundant multi-location data storage.

Toll Free Phone: (877) 361-6536