Hosted Sales Force Automation

You've heard of sales force automation, the CRM program that automates and centralizes your sales process. But you may have decided against using it because of the expense and technological demands of new software. Fortunately this is not an obstacle. OpenBOX Technologies makes this time- and money-saver available on the Web through hosted sales force automation. Hosted software, or SaaS (Software as a Service), allows you to use CRM programs online for a monthly fee, rather than purchasing.

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Hosted sales force automation uses standard browser technologies, such as HTTP and XML. Accessibility is simple and involves a user ID and password. No extra codes, applets, or plug-ins are necessary. It integrates with Macola, MS Dynamics GP (formerly Great Plains), Mass200, Mass500, and other SQL accounting systems.

Hosted Sales Force Automation: The Complete Package

Features of OpenBOX SFA software include advanced tools for creating quotes, invoices, and e-mails, as well as a query system for identifying cross-sell and up-sell opportunities. Your contact list is in good hands, with numerous ways to configure, integrate, and communicate. The only thing hosted sales force automation can't do is smile at the customers.

OpenBOX can configure hosted sales force automation to match your business processes, just as it does with purchased software. If you wish to add on other programs from its Business Suite, they, too, can be web-hosted and fully integrated. The renowned OpenBOX fast deployment naturally applies to SaaS. Contact OpenBOX today to find out more about how sales force automation can help your business.

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