Hosted CRM

You may have heard that CRM is the coming thing and would like to see how it can improve your business methods. You may have also heard that software can be expensive to install and keep up. Fortunately, there is another way. OpenBOX Technologies offers the option of web-hosted CRM. Rather than buying and maintaining costly software, you rent our services on the Web. You get the added efficiency and convenience of CRM, without the trouble of cumbersome software installation.

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All of our product modules are available in hosted form, along with access to our document library and knowledge database. There is no need to download plug-ins or applets. As with an in-house package, all products are connected to MS Outlook communications to provide a full range of e-mail services (event triggered actions, automatic notification, flagging, and others). Organization and integration tools allow you to store, retrieve, and configure sales and management data in any form, including charts and graphs.

Reliable Security for Hosted CRM

Hosted users also get the same three-tiered security system, which is accessible with a user ID and password. Permissions and security levels control the availability of information, e-mails, and attachments. Our complete customer service package can be yours on the web-hosted site, along with tracking capabilities supplied by the ticketing system. Hosted programs can also be customized to use your specific business practices.

For a single monthly fee, you can bring all the advantages of CRM technology to your company. You can learn more about our products by continuing to browse our website. When you're ready to get started, you can contact us directly or sign up online for a free trial.

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