Hosted CRM Software

CRM sounds good. It fits your business objectives. But you're not sure you want to commit to buying a lot of software just yet. OpenBOX Technologies has the answer: hosted CRM software. This is an increasingly popular way to get the benefits of CRM without a huge commitment of cash. Hosted software works just like installed software, except that you access it through the Web for a monthly fee. All of OpenBOX Technologies' software products can be either installed or used on the Internet.

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Employing standard user ID/password access, hosted CRM software interfaces with the entire OpenBOX Technologies Business Suite, as well MS Outlook communications and your own programs—-Word, Excel, Access and the like. Suite modules serve sales, service, and other separate departments. But if a sales rep wants to find out if a recent upswing is the result of a current marketing campaign, this can be easily crosschecked with the campaign management program and analytic tools to produce the needed figures.

Hosted CRM Software That Is Fully Integrated and Secure

Like our installed products, hosted CRM software can be configured to fit your workflow process, and be guided by your business rules. The same multi-level security settings apply. Use your browser without any new codes, plug-ins, or applets.

Should you decide on a more permanent arrangement, OpenBOX Technologies will be happy to find a suitable solution. Change from hosted CRM software to an installed product at any time. Contact a customer service representative to find out more about your choices in CRM software.

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