Enterprise Marketing Automation

When computers first arrived on the scene, fantasies abounded about how automation would soon do all our work for us. We don't travel in personal bubble craft high over our cities, nor do we have robot maids. But we do have automatic vacuum cleaners and cars that park themselves--and we have Marketing Campaign Management 9.0 from OpenBOX Technologies.

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This web-based marketing automation software takes care of all the record-keeping, administrative and analytical duties of even the largest enterprise campaign, freeing you to do the kind of creative thinking that great marketing demands. What's more, it takes care of all these details exactly the way you want it to do, since every point in the automation process allows you to set up your own parameters and rules.

Enterprise Marketing Automation Offers Flexibility

The first step in executing most campaigns is mining leads. Marketing Campaign Management 9.0 allows you to do that in a number of different ways. It will capture leads from those who read white papers, those who click on a link, or those who attend events. Once it has the leads, it will generate, schedule, and report on email, fax, or voice contacts.

This software will then analyze data collected for your enterprise, and alert you to possibilities for cross-selling and up-selling after the original sale. It tracks your ROI for the campaign as a whole or for any part of the enterprise. Finally, computers can do what we used to hope they would do!

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