Enterprise Business Applications

With so many choices of CRM software and features, it may be difficult to decide which kind will work best for your company. OpenBOX Technologies can help you with this significant decision. Smaller companies often prefer to use individual modules, while larger companies and corporations opt for Enterprise business applications. These are a group of programs that can also perform as whole, such as those contained in OpenBOX CRM v9.0 Business Suite.

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We know that your sales team is the engine that keeps the business running, so a major part of our Enterprise business applications is the Sales Force Automation program. Meant to automate and standardize sales procedures, SFA provides automatic lead tracking, territory management, a complete document library containing the latest marketing literature and templates, and more. Order Management also supports sales with easy processing. Campaign management puts e-mail, fax, and telemarketing under one "roof," while Project Management makes sure you stay within time and budget. Relationships with outside partners and vendors are handled by Partner Management.

Enterprise Business Applications: One for All and All for One

Under the Enterprise business applications umbrella, the Business Suite can be fully integrated within itself and with the programs you already use. You can import, export, and exchange data on a B2B, B2C, interoffice, or individual level. Combine and analyze data from as many sources as you need.

OpenBOX Technologies' flexible CRM applications can accommodate your needs. Let us show you how the Business Suite can increase your productivity and profit. Contact us for a free trial.

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