Enterprise Applications

CRM is often used to boost the efficiency of the various areas of customer relations: sales, marketing, IT, and others. Enterprise applications, on the other hand, are designed to aid the overseeing of the business as a whole. OpenBOX Technologies Business Suite is a set of applications designed as a comprehensive solution for CRM.

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The individual modules of the Enterprise applications are intended to work separately in the areas they cover. Sales representatives use Sales Force Automation and Order Management, while customer service people do their jobs with Customer Service and IT Help Desk programs. Other applications, such as Campaign, Project, and Partner Management, increase the. When combined with the Business Suite, these individual programs interface and work together as a whole. Communications with MS Outlook complete the link among the Enterprise applications for end-to-end CRM.

Customize Enterprise Applications

OpenBOX Technologies can configure the Business Suite, or any part of it, to match your methods and operations and allow you to track each step of sales, project planning, or other processes. Enterprise applications unite reporting, auditing, documentation, and other tasks in uniformity across all the programs. Powerful analytics will "mix and match" your data. Set up notifications, e-mails alerts, and follow-up reminders to apply to as many or as few modules as you choose.

The Business Suite is obtainable both as installed software or hosted on the Web. Let OpenBOX Technologies show you the big picture that will help your company is reach its goals. Browse the modules or contact a customer service representative for more information and a free trial.

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