Enterprise Application Integration

An Enterprise application works throughout an entire company. This contrasts with individual applications, which cover only one area of the business. Generally, Enterprise applications operate best with medium-to-large businesses.

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Enterprise applications are composed of the same single modules used by separate departments. The difference is Enterprise application integration, which allows the modules to interface and communicate. In a large business, where critical data can get lost in the shuffle, Enterprise application integration is a welcome tool in the effort to make sure that everyone knows what's going on. Sales figures, project plans, customer service request processing, and much more can all be accessed, reconfigured, analyzed, turned into a graph or chart, and sent on to one person or to an entire e-mail list.

How Enterprise Application Integration Works

OpenBOX Technologies' Enterprise application integration comes in the form of the CRM v9.0 Business Suite, a set of software modules that function both separately and together. In a nutshell, this program streamlines data exchange. It can be used out of the box with turnkey installation, customized to match your business routine, or accessed on the Web through SaaS (Software as a Service). Based on Microsoft's .NET framework, the Business Suite provides end-to-end CRM and works from one consistent view of customer service.

OpenBOX designs its products specifically with the end user in mind. Feel free to further browse this website to find out more about the unique features of Business Suite Enterprise application integration. Once you're convinced, try it out for free with a no-obligation trial.

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