What is OpenBOX Customer Service?

What is OpenBOX Customer Service? OpenBOX Service & Support v9.0 solutions offer an easy-to-use, browser-based customer service automation solutions that includes self-service knowledge base management, on-line ticket submission, e-mail response, multi-channel contact center, and seamless integration to OpenBOX’s CRM and expanded enterprise solutions. Fully automate and streamline the support services you deliver to internal and external users including employees, business partners, vendors, and customers. Provides up-to-the-minute account and ticket status and scheduled activities for maximized productivity.

Our most recent solution, OpenBOX Customer Service v9.0, offers manufacturing organizations a centralized, efficient way to track and manage their customer service process. Customer Help Desk contains a base ticketing system with asset tracking, work orders, RMAs, shipping order tracking and maintenance of product warranties and knowledge base information.

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OpenBOX Customer Service Features & Benefits

Define support workflow   top^

OpenBOX Customer Help Desk can be easily configured and customized to match existing or defined workflow for a consistent support process. OpenBOX Customer Help Desk dynamically generates action buttons to guide users to next step of support process. Possible next actions can be configured for each user group according to specific workflow model.

Automatic ticket assignment and status change notification   top^

Once a support request is submitted (phone, e-mail, web), a ticket is automatically generated and assigned. Automatic e-mail notifications can be sent on status changes, field updates or based on the movement of issues through the workflow, providing complete control of projects and preventing any loss of details or data. Once a ticket is assigned, the rep receives an automatic e-mail with a URL pointing to the record. When a ticket is closed, an e-mail will automatically be generated to the customer.

Time/cost tracking capabilities   top^

A time and cost tracking option is available to track time spent on resolving support issues and calculate the total cost based on salary or pre-negotiated rate. Easily calculate the cost of an entire project for invoicing or tracking ROI.

Complete account and ticket history available in one place   top^

Contains complete account information and history related to each ticket such as support contract and key contacts. Provides complete history of the ticket including activities, e-mails, file attachments and status notification dates.

Audit trail of tickets   top^

A complete history is provided of all changes or modifications that were made to a ticket and within Customer Help Desk including description of change, status changes, date and user name.

Built to adapt/match existing workflow   top^

Configuring and customizing solution to match current workflow is easy. Choose what information to display immediately after logging in. Access favorite queries and reports using a sub-menu. Add new fields, create tables and design forms to suit your needs.

Provide proactive support   top^

Send batch e-mails to all customers regarding a new product or knowledge base article. Create, manage and track e-mail campaigns containing personalized mail merge fields to targeted customers with the optional OpenBOX Marketing Campaign Management (MCM) module.

Plan activities and tasks   top^

Seamless integration with MS Outlook provides one central calendar and activity schedule. Access Outlook e-mail, compose and send messages from your browser within the OpenBOX Customer Help Desk application.

Comprehensive, fully searchable knowledge database   top^

Support staff can search the knowledge base for a solution with a single click. New solutions can be entered for others to reference.

Comprehensive analytics (no IT support required)   top^

OpenBOX Customer Help Desk contains several preconfigured queries and reports. Measure support staff’s productivity over time and get insights on what products result in most tickets. Reports can be rendered in text format or in colorful graphics, including trend lines, bar and pie charts. Creating new reports and queries is easy and requires no IT support.

Multiple project capability to support various groups   top^

OpenBOX Customer Help Desk handles multiple support groups. Multiple projects can be created for multiple support groups. Configure different workflows for each group. Combine multiple projects and generate a consolidated report for effective decision-making.

Fast deployment   top^

Once a customer’s workflow is determined, OpenBOX Customer Help Desk can be up and running in days.

Enforces business process rules   top^

Define business rules and monitor them 24x7. For example, if a high priority request has not been followed up within an allotted amount of time, it can be automatically reassigned or sent to the manager.

Complete support solution   top^

Provide web-based self-service with OpenBOX Customer Help Desk. Route incoming e-mails to the right contacts and automatically send results from the knowledge database. Submit tickets from web site and edit account profile information using web tickets. Start a chat or voice conversation using multi-channel contact center. Aggregate web tickets, self-service knowledge management, multi-channel contact center and more in the OpenBOX Customer Help Desk web interface.

Designed to integrate with future OpenBOX modules   top^

Integration with OpenBOX 9.0 future modules including Sales Force Automation and Marketing Campaign Management for a complete CRM solution and additional Order Management, Project Management and Partner Management modules for a complete enterprise-wide solution.

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