Customer Support Tools

You want your business to be known for its fast, courteous customer service. But getting together the manpower and tools to accomplish your goal can be problematic. CRM to the rescue. This popular system can automate and centralize every aspect of your customer relations approach. The benefits of CMR customer support tools are many.

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OpenBOX Technologies' CRM tools for service representatives include automatic ticketing and assignment, status change notifications, multiple priorities and severity levels, multiple support queues, and complete tracking, management, and reporting capabilities. The service representative can access all the data on any customer quickly and easily from a centralized location, and an audit trail feature makes sure that none of the information goes missing. Standardized procedures ensure that every request is given the same consideration.

Self-Service Customer Support Tools

Customers can also take advantage of support tools. A self-service web portal gives access to an FAQ page and a full knowledge database where customers can find answers to their questions. Automatically generated e-mails contain notification of status changes and information about the service procedure as it goes along.

The use of OpenBOX Technologies customer support tools results in faster, smoother, less costly customer service processing, increased productivity, and happier customers. As with all the OpenBOX applications, customer service can be adapted to your business's unique template. Browse the Adobe Acrobat files accessible from the customer service page for a detailed list of features. Contact OpenBOX today to consolidate your customer service queue with its exceptional CRM software.

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