Customer Support Systems

One of the best ways to attract new and repeat customers is with top-notch customer service. CRM has revolutionized the way customer service is done by automating as much of the process as possible. It has streamlined reports and tracking, thus reducing dependence on expensive manpower and paper trails. OpenBOX Technologies provides customer support systems based on the latest in CRM technology.

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CRM customer support systems are centralized. Contact information, ticket numbers, account history, and other vital information are all located in the same place. This eliminates "hunting time" on the part of the service representative and allows the support process to go forward quickly. A fully searchable knowledge database, accessible to both the service representative and the customer, adds to the efficiency.

Customer Support Systems: Smart Software

Second, CRM customer support systems are automated. Ticket numbering, service representative assignment, event-triggered e-mail notifications, auditing, and tracking are all done by "smart" software applications. Proactive support in the form of batch e-mails containing product information and knowledge base articles reduces minor customer inquiries. Representatives are then free to concentrate on more serious requests and RMAs. Reports and data analysis are completed quickly and cross-program integration permits fast contact with any other part of your CMR technology.

Third, CMR customer support systems are adaptable. OpenBOX Technologies lets you decide on the procedure you will use to follow up on customer requests. It can configure its software to harmonize with your workflow. Find out more about how OpenBOX Technologies can give your business the best in customer support by further browsing this website.

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