Customer Service Tracking

Customers today are business savvy. They know all about the latest customer service technology and expect the best. The CRM solutions we offer at OpenBOX Technologies can help you give it to them. Our Business Suite software packages offer you the top customer service tracking tools. From contact through resolution, CRM sustains a continuous connection between you and your clients.

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We configure our Sales Force Automation, Customer Service and IT Help Desk applications to your workflow process, making it possible check on any step, record, or transaction or to view the history of an entire incident. Because queuing and routing are automated, case management tracking takes less time. Interfaced communications can operate any combination of event-triggered auto responses. Customer relations personnel receive immediate notice of the need for escalation, and every piece of information is stored in easily accessible form.

Consistent Service with Customer Service Tracking

Automated tracking tools keep service consistent. First call response, scheduling, follow-up, and RMAs are all coordinated within the system. Our "gadget" feature allows you to put frequently used files on you "dashboard" (desktop) for quick access. Track individual requests or measure the efficiency of the entire department through synchronized logging, reporting, and purchase histories. Monitor e-mails and receive real-time notification of status changes in order to make sure the process stays on schedule.

Customer service tracking, along with your knowledgeable, caring representatives, can transform your service desk operations. It can also furnish you with an enviable reputation for quick, satisfactory resolution of service issues. Find out more about our customer service software from our product list, or contact us for a free trial.

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